3 vols. Wipf & Stock, 2022

Jesus as Pantocrator of coin of Justinian II. (second reign), 692 CE. CCCRH #61

1. Historical Afterlives

across time and place

2. Interfaith Afterlives

beyond Christianity

3. Cultural Afterlives

arts and culture

A three-volume collection of essays by scholars and religious leaders that explore the impact of Jesus within and beyond Christianity, including his many ‘afterlives’ in literature and the arts, social justice and world religion during the past 2,000 years and especially in the present global context.

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Contract signed

Contract signed

The contract for the first volume in this series has today been signed and the manuscript is in the production…
Jesus as Romulus

Jesus as Romulus

An early imperial afterlife for Jesus In the founding myth of ancient Rome, we read about twin boys: Romulus and…
In the beginning

In the beginning

This project had its beginnings in a question. Several of them, actually. Public discourse about Jesus tends to look backwards…

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