Endorsements for Cultural Afterlives of Jesus

Jesus through the eyes of First Nations, the LGBTQIA, the artistic, women, the homeless, Maoris, Latin Americans, and Asians, and drawing on liberation and indigenous theologies, this book is a sumptuous treat which inspires, challenges, and aids reflections. No longer can Jesus of Nazareth be filtered only through traditional western lenses or medieval doctrines and their successors. This volume will simply leave you wishing for more.
Val Webb, author of Like Catching Water in a Net: Human Attempts to Describe the Divine

This fine volume gives voice to several creative and challenging configurations of Jesus in contemporary Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific. Anyone interested in the afterlives of Jesus is urged to engage with the offerings here and make note of the varied ways in which context shapes our understanding of the person, life, and work of Jesus. A fantastic book for use in a class on Christology or the many faces of Jesus. Highly recommended!
Monica Jyotsna Melanchthon, University of Divinity

In this third volume of Afterlives, we again confront the fact that the significance of Jesus, that discomforting peasant, continues to leak out across the globe. Whether reading the Jesus traditions anew through indigenous eyes or recognizing how the tradition itself emerged within the lethal atmosphere of patriarchy, the authors challenge us to nothing less than a radical revisioning of that elusive and alluring figure, dancing in the unnoticed gaps and crevices of our planet.
Arthur J. Dewey, Xavier University






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