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Preface to the Afterlives – Gregory C. Jenks

Volume 1: Historical Afterlives

Introduction – Gregory C. Jenks

The Once and Future Jesus – Gregory C. Jenks

Jesus, Parables and the Kingdom of God  –  Dominic Crossan

Discovering Jesus in the Psalms: Early Christian Reception of the Psalms as Messianic Texts – David J. Cohen

The Apocryphal Jesus – Kurt Anders Richardson

Jesus in Tertullian – Geoffrey D. Dunn

Jesus as the Logos: The afterlife of Jesus in Ancient Philosophy – David Galston

Becoming Flesh – Peter Kline

Jesus Christ on Byzantine Coins – Peter E. Lewis

The Aryan Jesus – Jocelyn M. Kellam

Apocalypse Now and Then – James D. Tabor

Jesus, Individualism, and Mental Health – Michael L. Free

Volume 2: Interfaith Afterlives

Introduction – Arthur J. Dewey

Contextuality as Incarnation – Robert M. Price

Jesus Christ in the Holy Qur’an and the Prophetic Traditions – Mustafa Abu Sway

Writing the Afterlives: From Jesus to the Vilna Gaon – Richard A. Freund†

The ‘Disappeared Jesus’ and the Emancipation of European Jewry – Lorraine J. Parkinson

Jesus and Contemporary Jewish Identity – Richard E. Sherwin

Jesus as a Yogi in Hinduism – Vishal Sharma

Ruist (Confucian) Receptions of Jesus in Late Imperial China – Ryan Pino & Bin Song

The Christology of Joseph Smith – A. Keith Thompson

Engaging Jesus in Secular Australia – David Merritt

Jesus and the Transforming Influence of Friendship – John H. W. Smith

In Celebration of a ‘Wild’ Faith: Jesus in the Australian Landscape – Rex A. E. Hunt

Volume 3: Cultural Afterlives

Introduction – Val Webb

Jesus through Indigenous Australian Eyes – Glenn Loughrey

Jesus and Indigenous Australian Identity – Anne Pattel-Gray

Jesus of Kings Cross – Peter C. Catt

Radicalizing Jesus: An Indigenous Maori Anglican Woman – Jennifer L. Te Paa Daniel

Jesus through Pacific Eyes – Seforosa Carroll

Asian Faces of Jesus – Joseph N. Goh

A Post-Colonial Jesus: The Art of Emmanuel Garibay – Rod Pattenden

Jesus in Comedic Film – Jonathan Sargeant

Sexing Jesus: Controversies around Christological Erotic Corporealities in Latin America – Hugo Córdova Quero

Jesus through Women’s Eyes – Marian Free

Saying No to Jesus: Feminist Theology and the Christian Liberal Fantasy – Janice McRandal

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