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  • Historical Afterlives of Jesus NOW AVAILABLE

    Historical Afterlives of Jesus, the first of three volumes for the Jesus in Global Perspective project, was released by Cascade Books on 24 January 2023. The book is part of the Westar Studies series published by Wipf and Stock.

  • The afterlives of the afterlives

    This morning I have completed working through the 600+ Author Queries from Jeremy Funk—our copyeditor at Wipf & Stock—for volume two: Interfaith Afterlives of Jesus. Sadly, one of the chapters under review was the essay by Richard Freund: “Writing the Afterlives. From Jesus to the Vilna Gaon.” Of course, I was not able to refer…

  • Copy editing underway

    The first volume in the Afterlives of Jesus project is getting close to publication, as we check the uncorrected proofs and prepare them for the printer. Volume 1: Historical Afterlives of JesusVolume 2: Interfaith Afterlives of JesusVolume 3: Cultural Afterlives of Jesus

  • Congratulations

    Two of our contributors have recently been appointed to new academic roles: Glenn Loughrey, has been appointed Associate Professor at the Crawford School of Public Policy, Australian National University, Canberra. Anne Pattel-Gray, has been appointed Professor of Indigenous Studies and inaugural Head of the School of Indigenous Studies, University of Divinity, Australia. Congratulations to them…

  • Jesus as Romulus

    Jesus as Romulus

    An early imperial afterlife for Jesus In the founding myth of ancient Rome, we read about twin boys: Romulus and Remus. They had been abandoned in a forest with the intention of killing them and thus frustrating an oracle predicting that one of them would become king. The myth existed in numerous versions and was…

  • In the beginning

    In the beginning

    This project had its beginnings in a question. Several of them, actually. Public discourse about Jesus tends to look backwards or inwards. Backwards to the historical Jesus. Jesus before Christianity. What was he like? Did he even exist? Did he have any sense of mission? Did Jesus think of himself as divine? What did he…