Endorsements for volume 2

Jesus of Nazareth was interpreted through many eyes in the first centuries, long before Christian orthodoxy emerged. This excellent book tells those stories with interpretations from Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Confucianism, and Mormonism. Contemporary interpretations detour around almost two thousand years of church theology to allow Jesus to leak beyond dogmatism and become ‘a beacon to the planet.’ What a rich feast of global stories, contextual diversity, and multifaith exploration.
Val Webb, author of Like Catching Water in a Net: Human Attempts to Describe the Divine

This second volume in the series contains a superb collection of compelling essays that awaken us to the many rich, diverse, and varied ways in which Jesus has been imagined and understood in other faiths. Many chapters provide surprises and deep discernments capturing our imaginations and expanding our awareness. There is every reason to become engaged with the offerings in this volume vibrating with insights, with possibilities for a healthy conversation across religious faiths.
Monica Jyotsna Melanchthon, University of Divinity

In this second volume of Afterlives each essay is a journey to the outback. Inviting readers to accompany them on a variety of treks into the interior, the authors dare readers to leave behind the traditional take on Jesus and to explore with them the possibilities of seeing Jesus in a variety of afterlives. Jesus indeed has leaked out and belongs to the earth. Each new encounter, delivering a telling insight into that ‘eccentric Jew,’ offers a startling vision and ethic of ecological care for our planet.
Arthur J. Dewey, Xavier University

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