Endorsements for volume one

A wonderful sweep of ‘afterlives’ that free Jesus of Nazareth from the confines of Christian orthodoxy, a Jesus who has fed the imagination of people, cultures, and contexts far beyond the streets of Jerusalem and Rome. We meet the Jesus of early church theological and philosophical pluralism, of historical research, as a changing face on ancient coins, the Aryan Jesus, and many more. What an exhilarating ride of challenge and discovery.
Val Webb, author of Like Catching Water in a Net: Human Attempts to Describe the Divine

This volume provides a wonderful collection of scholarly reflections on the historical and Christological afterlives of Jesus in the context of empire and conflict. The authors offer helpful and critical digests on these afterlives that give the familiar but complex person of Jesus a deeper and more significant meaning. The rich set of afterlives discussed here provoke conversation in terms of our continued life, faith, and reflection on the Jesus of History and the Christ of faith.
Monica Jyotsna Melanchthon, University of Divinity

In this remarkable collection of essays, Historical Afterlives of Jesus challenges us to moved beyond a fixed understanding of Jesus, to take up a long-range exploration through time and space, engaging with traditions and experiences far outside Cristian borders. In doing so, we slowly begin to realise that Jesus is no longer embalmed in doctrinal winding sheets; he has slipped ecclesial controls and continues his walkabout on this fragile planet.
Arthur J. Dewey, Xavier University






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