Seminar at St James Institute, Sydney

Join us in person or online for this seminar on the Afterlives of Jesus.

Register here:

Friends in the Sydney area may be interested in this special event at St James Institute on Sunday, 16 October.

Professor Art Dewey of Xavier University has commented on this book (more correctly on all three books in the set) as follows:

In this remarkable collection of essays Afterlives challenges us to move beyond a fixed understanding of Jesus, to take up a long-range exploration through time and space, engaging with traditions and experiences far outside Christian borders. What happens if we hear non-Christian voices on their own terms, in their time and place, and find the sounds of that Galilean sage reverberating in an unexpected key?  Again and again, the conversations prove provocative, unsettling, and surprising. We slowly begin to realize that Jesus is no longer embalmed in doctrinal winding sheets – that he has slipped ecclesial control and continues his walkabout on this fragile planet.

Arthur J Dewey, Xavier University

POostscript: Video from this seminar at St James Church King St, Sydney on Sunday, 16 October 2022—including the very positive response by Sr Michele Connolly RSJ—is now available for purchase and download from the St James Institute.






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